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El Dorado Dry Lakebed | The Locations



The El Dorado Dry Lake Bed is my absolute favorite place to shoot! The desert is SO BEAUTIFUL!

The serenity and privacy is perfect for couples sessions, engagements and wedding portraits. No one wants an audience during their portrait session!


The El Dorado Dry Lakebed is located
approximately 22 miles south of the Las Vegas Strip.

Session Time

I shoot 1-2 hours before sunset, depending on your session type.

Outfit Inspo

You want to stay away from tan colors that would get lost in the background. Colors that photograph well here are- blues, olive greens, dusty pinks, lavenders, grays, and whites.

For ladies, flowy dresses work well here. For guys, you can’t go wrong with a button-down shirt.

Keep in mind that this is a desert location. There are no restrooms. If your session includes a wardrobe change, you will have to change in your vehicle.

Pets & Kids

The Dry Lakebed is an excellent location for families with little kids who need space to run around.

Pets are welcome, but you will need to be prepared to clean up after them.

If you are interested in booking a desert Elopement or Portrait Session with me, please send an email to hello@ashleydecollibus.com or click here to fill out an inquiry form.

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