Help! My family doesn't approve of my First Look! |

Help! My family doesn’t approve of my First Look!


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Help! My Family Doesn't Approve of My First Look

What to do when your family does not approve of your decision to have a First Look.

You’re neck-deep in the excitement of planning your wedding when all of a sudden, it comes to a screeching halt. Your family doesn’t approve of your decision to have a First Look with your fiancé.

Now what??

So many of my brides are worried about offending their parents with their not-so-traditional wedding choices.

I strongly believe in bending tradition to create something new. I understand that you may want to honor your parents through your ceremony. Please don’t do it at the expense of your dreams.

I’m going to share what I say to every one of my brides-

This wedding is YOURS.

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Your parents already had their wedding. Your best friend got to make her own choices when she got married. Your Great Aunt Cynthia….well, if she’s your great aunt, then chances are the traditions have significantly changed. ;o)

Weddings tend to bring out the “best” in family members… Unfortunately, I’ve had several parents who have not approved of the bride and groom’s choice to have a First Look. But the reality is that your wedding is about YOU and YOUR fiancé.

Do you want to look back ten years from now, with regrets because you chose to follow the advice of everyone but yourself?

My goal for my brides and grooms is that they enjoy their day stress-free. I take great pride in protecting the sanctity of my couples’ special day.

If you are still on the fence about a First Look (or any other wedding decision) my advice is this:

First, sit down with your fiancé to discuss what is important to you both. Once you have made your decision, stand firm with your family. Talk it over with them and explain why you have chosen to have a First Look despite their disapproval.

Re-assure them that they are not missing out on anything. The “magic” of seeing one another at the altar will not be lost.

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If it’s genuinely an issue, find another way to honor a specific tradition, but do not give up your choices.

In all of my years as a Luxury Wedding Photographer, I can count on one hand the number of couples who chose to forego the First Look. These couples made the decision based on what they wanted, not on their family’s disapproval.

3 Reasons to Opt for a First Look

If you need something to help you explain First Looks better to your family, or even for your benefit, check out this blog post that I wrote on the top three reasons to have a First Look.

Comment below with any questions or thoughts! I would love to chat with you!

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