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Episode 1: The Broken Camera

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Parenting is Hard, Wine is Good

As a young mom with two kids under two years old, a sweet friend said to me, “Ash, motherhood is hard, wine is good.” At the time, I didn’t realize how accurate that phrase was.

To be more of a Yes parent and less of a DONT-TOUCH-THAT parent, I allowed my kids to pick up, examine and look through an old film camera I scored at a yard sale a while back. My love of photography started with a film camera when I was 14, so I purchased this camera with the intent to get back to my roots. Naturally, my kiddos were super curious about the “old” camera. My exact thoughts were, “They really can’t hurt it, so why not let them look through it?”

Famous. Last. Words.

Consequently, when I picked it up the other day to load some film and take it shooting, I noticed the viewfinder broken in half. To my horror, when I removed the lens to see what was wrong, it was like my poor camera threw up its guts everywhere.

Can you imagine which mom I became at that moment???

Yep. I went there. (insert facepalm here)

My cheap little film camera bit the dust at the hands of my angels. After sulking and feeling sorry for myself, I finally snapped out of it and realized that it was, in fact, a cheap little film camera. In reality, I could always purchase another one for $40 on Amazon. That $40 film camera was not worth making my littles feel worthless!

Motherhood, the scariest hood you'll ever go through

Guys, parenting is hard!

I know there are moms and dads out there who are rocking this parenting thing. Their kids are tiny geniuses who eat all of the food groups, speak different languages, and recite the periodic table of elements.

Real-life? My kids skip a shower sometimes. (Calm down, it’s never more than one day… or maybe two?) They eat some form of pizza three days a week, and I bribe them to eat their veggies. What can I say? I’m doing the best I can, figuring out how to raise these tiny humans. 

Instead of reciting the periodic table of elements, I want to nurture their imagination and creativity so that they can discover new elements. Rather than consuming all of the food groups, I want them to feel free to experiment with new recipes and create dishes that they love. Instead of showering every day… Okay, never mind, I want them to shower daily. 🤣

You get what I’m saying!

To all of the perfectly imperfect mamas out there, I see you. I want you to know that you are doing a fantastic job! Now put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, and binge your favorite show. You deserve it for surviving this parenting thing! (Unless it’s 9 a.m., you can’t justify drinking this early)

Until next time…

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